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Jayce and his friends had finally done it! After watching for several seasons, they'd finally gotten a spot as a team on Mysterious Maniac Match - a game show where two groups of twenty-somethings competed by having to endure increasingly ridiculous challenges. Eggs thrown at them, insects crawling over them, tied up and contorted into uncomfortable positions on live national TV while the audience laughed at them.

They had prepared by watching old episodes, and picked out ridiculous outfits. As they made their way to the studio, the group of five young men went to the dressing room, where they prepared to change.

Part of the show was that everyone wore costumes- the more outrageous, the better. One of his buddies wore a tiger costume, another was dressed as a cowboy. Jayce used the excuse to wear a full-body black spandex suit- he LOVED wearing it. It was super shiny and stretchy, but also clung to him and showed off his magnificent body. Wearing some white high tops and a white Velcro belt to give it some definition, Jayce almost missed the show because he'd been staring in the mirror too long admiring himself, cupping his giant bubble bottom.

His friends whistled and laughed, and Jayce ate up the attention. He knew he looked the best of his friends, with a cute face, spiky black hair, and a dimpled smile. He also loved the opportunity to show off his body like this in front of a national audience, especially his bulbous round behind. He knew afterward he'd be scouring Facebook, Instagram, and message boards for people making comments about him in his outfit. As he thought about the attention, he tugged the front of his suit down and adjusted his belt.

The game started a bit slowly- with Dirk Duggan, the hunky host, taking a few minutes to interview each team. When they got to Jayce, Dirk made him turn around to show how he filled out the rear of his suit- to hoots and hollers from the crowd. Jayce flashed a semi-embarrassed smile but was thrilled on the inside- trying not to let it show too much.

Then came the challenges. Each player had their fate determined by a plastic ball pulled out of a clear bowl by Dirk. He watched as one of his teammates had to get a bowl of worms dumped on his head, eventually proving to be too much as the other team won their challenge. Jayce watched with odd fascination as another one got a mega-wedgie as the crowd cheered- staying focused and winning the second challenge.

With the teams tied, Jayce was up next. He adjusted his suit and stepped up to the host, who grinned in preparation of his fate.

"Well Jayce, you're up for our next challenge! Are you ready?" Dirk said with a smile.

Jayce smiled and brushed his hands on the shiny black spandex suit. "I'm ready!" he said, pumping his fists in the air. His team cheered.

"What about you?" Dirk went over to the other side of the stage, where their chubby player was ready to start as well. Jayce narrowed his eyes in anticipation. He was ready.

"First Jayce, let's see what your challenge is!" Dirk reached into the ball pit. He pulled out a bright blue ball and called out the wording printed on the side. "The Inflationary Wonder!"

Jayce got excited. He'd seen this before- they would place a tube into the player's clothes with some liquid elastic in the tube, pumping it into the player's clothes, creating a balloon and swelling up the player's clothes until it burst or he couldn't take it anymore, and needed to stop. He'd always watched this challenge and been jealous- now it was his chance.

Jayce knew he could win this challenge- especially with his stretchy black suit. He barely heard Dirk telling the other player what he'd be doing- something about shaving cream being sprayed down his pants. Jayce started getting excited as the stage techs came over to rig his suit.

"Stay still!" one of the techs scolded him. As Jayce turned to the side, he felt them push the hose and the pin into his suit, and quickly scurry offstage.

"That's funny," Jayce thought to himself, "I wonder why there's that pinch?" Before he could think, Dirk cheered out to the crowd and counted backwards, "THREE, TWO, ONE!" and the buzzer sounded. Off to the side, the stage techs turned on the pump.

Jayce immediately felt an almost electric feeling run through his body. He didn't feel the pump inflating the balloon in his suit yet, but his skin suddenly tingled in a most peculiar way. The feeling settled around his body, and suddenly he felt a pressure inside of him begin to grow.

First his belly began to bloat out slowly, then his butt- beginning to jut out more and more. As he lifted his arms to check out how it was coming along, he realized his arms had begun to plump up a little too. Jayce furrowed his brow, but smiled a bit at the unexpected development. As his body began to swell, he heard his white belt begin to groan and creak.

The stage techs turned to each other- the liquid elastic hadn't turned into a balloon under his clothes. "He's blowing up all over! What happened?" one hissed to another. "I think the pin must have punctured his skin, and we accidentally pumped the liquid elastic into him instead!" the other one replied.

"Well let's get it out!" the first one said. The other shook his head- "He's got the only stop valve up there... he'll stop it himself."

But Jayce wasn't feeling particularly ready to do that. As the audience laughed and his teammates guffawed, Jayce felt his body continue to pump up bigger and bigger. His arms and legs swelled like balloons, his stomach bloating out, and his rear end inflating out. His arms now couldn't fit all the way around his gut, and as he looked back, he saw his butt bulging out like two giant shiny black balloons. He leaned his plump arm down and poked it- that was definitely his butt! Not a balloon...

This certainly wasn't what happened on the show, Jayce thought to himself. There was usually just a balloon that appeared and stretched out one part- he was inflating all over! "How peculiar!" he thought to himself as he felt the strange sensation overtake his body. His shiny black spandex suit easily stretched to cover his bloating figure, as Jayce continued to glance front and back at his transformation.

As the other contestant began to yell his discomfort with his challenge, Jayce grew and grew, the laughter continuing. The pressure and intensity was building inside of him, as he could only gasp, "I feel... funny!" The Velcro on his white belt began to pull, and Jayce's eyes went wide as he felt it blow off, his rounder body bouncing into place. He rubbed his inflated arms down the sides of his body, amazed at how round he was getting. He tried to muster up the ability to say something but the fullness, his swelling was overwhelming him to the point where he could just moan softly and enjoy the sensation of inflating bigger and bigger.

The entire crew knew something was wrong by this point. Dirk looked over at the techs, who shrugged their shoulders and pointed at the valve in Jayce's hand. By this point, his back had begun to inflate and meet his enormous rear end, and his stomach and chest were merging into one round ball that was inflating up, up, higher into Jayce's vision.

The laughter from the audience and his teammates slowly began to turn to gasps and concern as they realized what was happening. The other team had completely given up, and were transfixed with Jayce's inflation. The crew was unable to move, except to keep the cameras rolling on the boy's ballooning body.

Jayce was now four feet around. He softly moaned as he felt the intense pressure continue and his round midsection inflate bigger and rounder, with his arms and legs now starting to merge into his ballooning figure. The shiny black spandex continued stretching and clung to his plumping body, accentuating his inflation.

From all around him, he could hear people remarking on his predicament. "He's ACTUALLY blowing up!" "That's not the suit, that's him!" "He keeps getting bigger, I can't believe it!" "Someone stop him!" "He's the one with the valve, he's not stopping it!" Indeed, Jayce continued to allow the pump to blow him up bigger and rounder, each square inch of his body stretching and expanding as the boy felt himself continue to inflate.

Jayce began to shift around, getting a good look at Dirk and the other team- some staring wide eyed, some giggling. His legs slowly disappeared as his blimped body touched the floor, leaving only his white high tops to allow him to waddle around. His body continued to balloon out into a perfect sphere, his arms slowly disappearing, with only a pair of hands left poking out of his perfectly round body. As his round body pushed up into his chin, the pin popped out of his side, and Jayce felt the pressure level out.

For a moment all was silent. Jayce was a perfect ball- covered in black shiny spandex, with only two hands,  pair of white high tops, and his cute head poking out from the top. Someone from the audience yelled "he did it!" and the crowd roared cheers of approval. Dirk went over and shouted, "We have our winner, Jayce the Human Blimp!" poking his shiny, round black body for emphasis.

As the boy waddled around with a grin on his face, he saw the cameras and audience members snapping photos on their phones. The camera lights blinked off for a commercial, and Dirk turned to the stage techs and said "are we going to be able to deflate him?" to which he received a confused look and a noncommittal shrug. Seeing the exchange, Jayce turned to admire his body, flapping his hands slowly, and rubbing his bloated figure with glee and giving a devious grin...
Jayce's Game Show Mishap
Jayce and his buddies make it into a game show full of embarrassing challenges, when one goes strangely wrong...

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Warning! This contains male inflation, homoerotic themes and adult content. 18+ only!

Zach was leaving the local grocery store, carrying a 24-pack of cherry soda, when the men noticed him. Clad in a pair of relaxed, stretchy gym shorts and an athletic tank top, Zach was undeniably handsome. The two men noted the young man's tousled blonde hair, and in particular how his bulbous rump stretched out even his loose shorts.

"Should we try him?" one of the men said.

"Look at all that cherry soda," the other replied. "He may be just what we're looking for."

As Zach got to his car and began to load the soda into the trunk, the two men approached him.

"Hi there!" Zach turned around to see two men in black workout pants and tight black polo shirts- almost like a gym uniform. They were attractive, though a few years older than Zach.

"Allow me to introduce myself- my name is Jeffrey," the taller one said, extending his hand.

"And I'm James," the shorter one said with a smile. Zach cautiously smiled back, interested in the seemingly random solicitation.

"We noticed you were buying quite a lot of that cherry soda," Jeffrey said.

Zach smiled and tilted his head back toward the trunk. "Hell yeah- it's the best! Especially this flavor, it's so sweet and juicy. I could drink a whole case of this!"

Jeffrey and James smiled at each other, and turned back to Zach. "Well, we have something for you then!" Jeffrey said.

James continued, "We run a specialized business that deals in very... unique formulas. We've just made a revolutionary type of cherry soda, and we're wondering if you'd want to be the first to try it?"

Any caution Zach was feeling evaporated when he heard "unique," "revolutionary," and "first." "I can't wait!" he said with a big grin. If only Jeffrey and James knew how much he loves cherries, Zach thought...


Half an hour later, Zach was stepping through the gleaming doors of a state of the art facility. For what? Zach pondered for a short second, before his mind became fixated once again on his approaching cherry soda journey.

"This is going to be BIG!" Zach thought as he followed Jeffrey and James deep into the corridors of the facility.

Zach entered a large room, where a group of men dressed in workout clothes had gathered. The walls and floor were a shiny silver tile, and in the middle of the room sat a single silver table with a frosty red bottle sitting on top.

"There you go, Zach! Our new cherry soda prototype, you'll be the first boy to try it!" Jeffrey said with a grin.

Zach licked his lips in anticipation. What were all these other guys doing around? he thought, but quickly pushed the thought out of his mind. They must have lost the chance to try it, he thought; and anyways, he wouldn't mind the attention.

The men all smiled at Zach as he approached the center of the room. There was something a bit diabolical about their looks, Zach thought. Oh well- just jealousy probably.

James piped in, "OK, Zach, I just have to warn you that you're allowed to stop if you feel funny, or let someone else try it if you're worried about any side effects."

Zach grabbed the bottle, the red bubbly liquid sloshing in his hand. "Nuts to that!" he said, raising the bottle to his plump lips.

Zach began gulping down the syrupy, bubbly concoction. His tastebuds seemed to spark alive as the liquid hit them, sweet and flavorful as the cherry sensation hit him.

Zach looked at all of the men staring at him, loving the attention. He wanted to string out the stares as long as possible, but the cherry soda was practically begging him to finish. Almost uncontrollably, Zach brought the bottle to his lips and finished the magnificent drink.

"How do you feel, Zach?" Jeffrey said with a smirk on his face.

"Oh man, this is incredible!" Zach said. "I can still taste the delicious cherry juice. It's so sweet and amazing, I LOVE cherries!" He grinned wide, oblivious to the red color spreading across his face.

The men began exchanging whispers and looks as the boy began to grow brighter and brighter red. Zach drank up the attention. He didn't know what everyone was talking about, but they were focused on him- and he loved it.

At that moment Zach began feeing his stomach constrict. A strange feeling began to fill his midsection as he suddenly was overcome with an urge to burp. Hesitating just a few seconds, he finally belched loudly, seemingly to the delight of the men smiling at him.

As he burped loudly, he felt the pressure inside of him rise — not subside! — and his stomach ballooned out slightly. He looked down and saw his usually flat stomach pushing out his tank top and furrowed his brow. For some reason, he was unphased by his bright cherry red skin.

"That's odd!" Zach said to the room, trying again to release the pressure. "For some <BURP> reason, I <BURP> keep burping but <BURP> I feel fuller!"

Each small burp caused his stomach to push out slightly more. His arms and legs slowly began to feel puffier as well- and Zach couldn't get the taste of cherry to stop. He glanced around confused, but everyone else seemed to be calm and smiling at what was happening.

He felt the feeling build up deeper inside as he held in his quick burps. Knowing as soon as he let go, it would expand him out, Zach tried to see how big a burp he could manage. Holding it down with a determined look on his face, he saw two guys whispering and pointing with wide eyes. As the feeling to release became stronger and stronger, Zach held his arms up in anticipation as the crowd stared.

<BUUUUUUURRRPPP> the young man exploded with a belch that rattled the room, and his midsection quickly swelled to the size of a large exercise ball, his arms pushing higher up. His tank top slid up his round stomach, and his shorts stretched to absurd proportions, almost to their breaking point.

"Look at me!" Zach exclaimed. "I'm blowing up like a balloon!"

He didn't need to instruct anyone to look at him- the entire room was enraptured. Zach quizzically studied his rounder figure as he waddled around, giving the crowd a 360 degree view.

<BURRRP> Zach was saving them now, he could feel the inflation more, the bigger his burps were. Another <BUUURRRRRPPP> and his tank top slid up his shiny red belly even more, and the button on his shorts burst with a sharp POP!

Zach flapped his arms in panic. "What's happening to me? I'm inflating!" He started to worry. The pressure from the inflation was nonstop- like a hose continuing to blow into his body and stretch it out like a giant balloon. But what the crowd didn't know was how excited that secretly made Zach- but that excitement wouldn't stay a secret for long if his shorts continued to burst off.

As if his ballooning body could sense his fear, his shiny red belly began pressing the zipper down. The bright blue underwear began to show, and the back of his shorts began to tear from his giant round red butt. As Zach let out another epic <BURRRRRPPPP> the boy blew up even more, the sides of the shorts and tank top split, and he was quickly reduced to near nakedness. His eyes grew wide as the crowd saw his massive round body now clad in only stretchy blue bikini briefs.

"My goodness, Zach!" Jeffrey said with a knowing smile. "It looks as though you're getting a bit excited!"

"A bit?!?" James chimed in. "The boys is positively engorged!"

They were right. Zach tried to look down but his plump red body has ballooned up into his chin. But he knew what they were looking at- a massive hard-on stretching his bikini briefs even tighter. The plumping had spread to that extremity too- and right now the sides of his spandex briefs were straining at a 16-inch inflated member.

Dumbstruck, Zach flapped his arms. "Guys, something's wrong with me! I'm inflating like a big red balloon, and it's not stopping!"

"A balloon?" Jeffrey replied. "No, you're blowing up into a big red cherry!" Zach's eyes popped wide in mock surprise, and he let out a big <BURRRP>

The men marveled as Zach swelled more spherical with his belch. Several had begun feeling his bright red skin, and one poked his finger into the inflated boy's side. "Why, he's ripening up quite nicely!" he chuckled.

At the mention of "ripening" Zach felt himself unable to control his secret pleasure. He moaned and belched at the same time, feeling his body swell all around, and his massive hard-on throb in front of everyone.

"This is quite an unusual reaction," Jeffrey said to the group. "And Zach seems to be strangely enjoying it."

"Isn't it obvious?" another one joined in. "He's got some sort of kink for this."

"Well whatever it is, the boy is certainly a glutton for punishment!" James offered.

"Someone do something! <BURRRRRRPPP> I'm a blimp!" Cherry Zach flapped his hands as his arms became totally absorbed into his round body. As his latest belch caused him to swell larger, the sides of his bikini snapped, causing his two-foot long, red throbbing hard-on to slap up against his bright shiny taut stomach.

Zach softly moaned as he could feel the bloating slow down. As he felt his slick red skin with his hands- now barely sticking out of his round body- he felt his new form settling somehow. One last rumble came from his belly, and he felt the last belch rising from his blimped up body. He held it as long as he could, looking at the stares of all the men around him at his bright red balloon figure, his giant erection throbbing proudly for all of them to see.

"Here it comes... oh fuuuuuuu..." he got out before the last word turned into a massive belch. His body swelled one final time, pushing out in all directions until Zach became nothing more than a big round cherry, with two feet, two hands, a blonde head and a throbbing cherry stem poking out the front.

"My word!" said James. "He's certainly ripened up into a juicy cherry!"

Jeffrey nodded, smiling at Zach's bloated face. The boy sheepishly smiled at the crowd- barely able to waddle around. Each bounce of his body made his giant election bounce up and down, making him more excited.

"That certainly was a sight, Zach!" Jeffrey said to the young man. "But it's time we get you ready for your next role with us. Let's get the trainers out here."

With that, two beefy, muscular men stepped out from the back of the crowd- one brown haired, the other redheaded. Their tight shirts and shorts revealed beefy muscles and little body fat- a striking contrast to Zach's bloated form.

"What's going to happen?" escaped from Zach's plump red lips.

"Why, we need to get some of this cherry juice out of you," the redhead said with a smile.

The brunette walked around Zach's rear, and assessed his massive red rump. He began to roll the boy backwards slightly as the redhead positioned himself in front, when Zach blubbered out, "No!"

They both stopped, surprised at his sudden resistance. "Yes, Zach?" Jeffrey queried.

"I don't want to be juiced..." he softly exhaled, rubbing his skin.

Jeffrey chuckled. "I promise you, this won't be too uncomfortable."

Zach softly moaned. He had never said this out loud, but without inhibition he said, "No, I mean — I LIKE being inflated." With that his giant red hard-on throbbed once more, and the boy began to moan again. The men around the room whispered at Zach's admission of his inflationary desires.

The trainers smiled, and Jeffrey nodded to them. "Just wait for what we've got in store for you." Zach tried to writhe in ecstasy, but he was totally immobilized by his ballooned up body. He felt the redhead begin to grip his new stem, and he felt a hardness press up against his round rear until he realized he was about to be fucked by the other trainer.

Dutifully the giant cherry opened himself to the other young man behind him, feeling him thrust inside his juicy body. He felt totally out of control of his body- unable to move, in total pleasure, moaning without control as his stem throbbed and the pressure became greater and greater.

The redhead was working his grip on the giant stem, pumping the cherry harder and faster. As the feeling of pleasure washed over him, Zach began to focus on what had actually happened to him. "I just blew up like a ballon," he thought. "I am an ACTUAL human cherry now." The more he thought about his ballooning body, the more he felt himself ready to explode with excitement.

As the young man behind him increased his pace and he felt him beginning to climax, Zach prepared himself. As the load squirted into him, with a giant moan, Zach felt juice begin to spray from his massive hard-on, soaking the room as the crowd dashed out of the line of fire.

The feeling lasted a good two minutes- as he continued hollering in total pleasure as his body began slowly deflating from the juice. "HOLY FUUUUCK" Zach hollered, as gallon after gallon of cherry juice dumped onto the floor. The gushing eventually stopped, leaving Zach, still bright red, knees buckling and plumped up with a bloated belly and booty.

Zach couldn't say anything- and the two trainers held him and walked him through the crowd, to the far door in the room. The boy still waddled- no longer a full cherry, but easily twice the size of his former self, and sporting an engorged member and beach ball butt cheeks.

"Make sure Zach gets settled in!" Jeffrey called after the trainers.

The boys walked him to a large bedroom, where Zach was able to squeeze his new body into some jumbo-sized, stretchy red tank top and shorts that matched his skin almost perfectly.

Zach looked at the two other young men, and managed his first words since his juicing. "What's going to happen to me?" he asked.

The boys smiled at each other, and wordlessly led Zach out the other door. Down a hallway, Zach was led into a giant gymnasium, with gleaming machines and packed with well-muscled men in tight clothing. Zach's eyes popped as he eyed their packages and rear ends bulging.

In the center, around an open area in the middle of the equipment, several gymgoers were pushing a giant blue exercise ball back and forth. The two trainers and Zach walked up, as the men stopped their routine and steadied the exercise ball.

Zach watched, amazed, as the boys righted the ball, to see two hands and two feet poking out of the massive ball- and realized it was another young man. Barely righted on his feet, the blue-faced, blue haired boy noticed Zach's red plump body and began to waddle over.

The boy smiled, chomping on his gum and stopping only to blow a massive bubble that he immediately sucked back into his blue lips. Zach noticed a matching blue stem bulging from the front of his taut, shiny spandex bodysuit.

With a grin, the blue boy said, "Hi, I'm Blaine! Looks like we're going to be good friends..."
Zach's Soda Pop Adventure
I've spent too many stories writing what I wish would happen to me! So figured I'd try one of stal-459, who's just as obsessed with blowing up like a cherry as I am of becoming a blueberry :-P


Mature Content

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Warning- definitely 18+! Contains language about two young men who suffer the side effects of experimental gum and enjoy it a little too much...

= = = = = =

Barry and Chip were roommates and best friends. So when Barry earned a spot with some of his college classmates to Twiddle's Chocolate Factory, of course he asked Chip to be his guest.

"That sounds great!" Chip said. "Let's dress up!"

"What did you have in mind?" Barry inquired.

Chip dug around in his closet until he pulled out two full-body spandex suits- one bright blue, one bright red, the colors of their school. "Our mascot costumes! I've always wanted to wear these outside of the football stadium."

As Chip stripped down and stepped into the super stretchy garment, Barry couldn't help eyeing his friend's bulge and muscular body filling out the suit. His own bulge began to respond as he looked away- he could never tell Chip about his deepest feelings.

"Here, put on yours!" Chip said excitedly. Barry turned away to step into his- masking his excitement. Chip didn't complain- he saw Barry's beefy body fill the tight suit, with his plump rear end stretching the back of the spandex, the juiciest booty on campus. Chip harbored the same feelings- but was feeling less and less able to control them as Barry. His bulge began to swell as well.

Barry turned to Chip as they smiled and admired the way the suits fit. Chip leaned in to zip up Barry's suit. "You look... perfect, dude..." Barry softly gasped.

Chip rubbed Barry's back, down to the top of his giant rear end, feeling the touch of the smooth shiny fabric. "You look great too, man..." Chip said, looking directly at Barry.

Barry broke Chip's gaze. "Uhhhhh, let's get the rest of the outfit!" He quickly broke away and dug into his dresser to find their matching belts- blue for Chip's red outfit, and red for Barry's blue outfit.

Chip, dejected, sat down on his bed. Maybe he'd get his chance at the chocolate factory...

= = = = = =

The boys would get their chance- but not before a mind-blowing beginning of the tour. They piled through a funhouse-like entrance with a wacky twisty corridor that led to a giant room filled with edible flora- giant candy trees, gummy mushrooms, sweet grass, taffy flowers, and dozens of other amazing confections.

Through the middle of the room ran a river made of pure liquid chocolate. The boys enjoyed themselves until one of Barry's classmates made the mistake of sticking his head into the river. He and his buddy were both chubby fellows, and as one went to help the other they both fell in- getting stuck together in a giant auction pipe, their fat bellies stuck together.

As the group stared at the humiliated boys, chocolate building up behind them; Barry glanced over at Chip. He noticed him looking intently, almost strangely excited? Barry himself felt a pang of jealousy, and shook his head. Why did he feel like that?? Those boys were being humiliated and punished together, made a mockery for their bodies. Even as he thought how ridiculous that sounded, he continued to get excited.

Once the chubby boys had shot up the pipe and a half-dozen workers went after them, the group piled onto a boat to take them to the next stop. Barry squeezed his ample rear next to Chip on the seat- Chip put his arm around his friend, and felt their spandex-covered legs rub against each other. Their eyes met briefly as they smiled.

The next room was full of experimental concoctions, machines that reached from the floor to the ceiling and made crazy noises as they pumped out confections. Twiddle took them from machine to machine until he stopped at the largest contraption in the corner.

"Now THIS is my masterpiece- making the most amazing, fabulous thing I've ever invented!" Twiddle said, his eyes twinkling. He pressed a button and suddenly the machine came alive, tubes pumping and gears churning. The noise traveled from the top of the machine slowly down, until at the very bottom two tiny tablets popped into a glass drawer- one bright red, one bright blue.

"They match our outfits!" Chip said quietly to Barry. "Let's get them!"

Twiddle held them up to the group. "Now here's the most fabulous, amazing invention that will revolutionize the industry!" he said.

"By gum, it's gum!" Chip chirped, moving forward.

"It looks amazing!" Barry stepped up to join Chip.

"Why this is more than gum, it's a three-course dinner! But unfortunately there's been some strange... side effects..." Twiddle said.

Chip reached out and grabbed the pair- handing the blue piece of gum to Barry and he began to put the red piece in his own mouth. "We can handle that! Let's try it!"

Twiddle quickly put his hands on the boys' shoulders. "I really wouldn't do that, you'll find the effects are quite peculiar!"

Chip and Barry looked at each other. For some strange reason, Barry felt a strong urge to try it. "I don't care!" he piped up, and popped the blue gum in his mouth and started chewing. Chip smiled and did the same.

"Mine is amazing!" Chip exclaimed as the rest of the group circled around him. "It's a creamy potato soup, hot and delicious!"

"I've got tomato! It's wild, like I'm actually eating spoonfuls of tomato soup! Awesome!" Barry and Chip smiled at each other as they chewed away in front of the group.

"I really wouldn't do that..." Twiddle said in a bored voice on the edge of the circle.

The boys ignored him. "Mine is changing!" Barry said. "It's roast beef and a baked potato! It's perfect!"

Chip chomped away next to him. "I've got spaghetti and meatballs! Incredible! I can taste every bite like it's real!"

Twiddle raised an eyebrow. "It's going to get all too real in a minute, boys, if you don't spit it out before the dessert."

Barry's eyes lit up. "BLUEBERRY PIE!" he yelled.  "It's amazing delicious fabulous juicy blueberry pie!!"

Chip chimed in a second later. "I got cherry pie!! It's amazing and I can actually taste each cherry bursting with juice!"

The group collectively gasped as each boy's skin began to change color- Barry slowly becoming a bright blue, and Chip a deep red. Barry turned to Chip and exclaimed "Whoa! Dude, you've gone bright red!"

Chip continued chewing as he looked back at his buddy. "Well, Barry, you're turning blue!" he said with a smile.

The boys examined their hands in awe as they continued chewing. As the group exchanged worried looks, Twiddle noticed that the boys themselves didn't seem panicked for some reason. Interesting...

Just then Barry felt a surge of juice in his body and his belly puffed up. He began to feel full- but strangely his body was growing, and the feeling of getting bigger and fuller at the same time was oddly electric, even arousing.

Chip yelled out with a smile, "Barry, look at you! You're blowing up!"

Barry turned to his friend, who at that moment began to feel his own surge of juice throughout his body. Chip's belly and sides began to bloat out, stretching the spandex and straining the belt.

"Looks like you're starting to blow up too, Chubby Chip!" he teased back.

The boys continued tentatively chewing and assessing their plumping plights. The group murmured and stared as the two boys began to swell up, Barry bright blue (save for his red belt) and Chip bright red (save for his blue belt).

Barry's senses were overwhelmed. His eyes kept darting back and forth- between his body that was slowly swelling out and up, and Chip's body that was inflating at the same rate, stretching the red spandex suit.

He felt his stomach growing, the skin tingling and juice pumping throughout his body. His butt felt like it was getting a generous share of the juice too- plumping out and stretching the suit more and more. Most of all, he could taste the rich, delicious flavor of blueberry pie filling his mouth with every chew. He slowly continued chewing, savoring the amazing feelings that pulsed throughout his body.

Chip was feeling the same way- and starting to realize that he was enjoying watching his friend blow up too. As he felt his body inflate with cherry juice, he examined Barry's figure- ripening slowly but surely- and noticed that Barry's big booty was now enormous, swelling bigger and bigger with every chew.

Chip waddled over to Barry, who had lifted his bloated arms to examine his swollen midsection. Chip reached a bright red hand out and started rubbing Barry's protruding belly. He felt the blue spandex slowly stretching, and beneath that the pulsing of juice. Chip quietly gasped as he felt his member start to throb- both from the cherry juice beginning to pump into it, and the amazing feeling of Barry's bloating blueberry body.

Barry responded by leaning into Chip's rubbing and lifting his arms higher. Both boys' belts were starting to strain- even made out of elastic, they were nowhere near as stretchy as the boys' lycra jumpsuits. Barry felt Chip's round, taut, spandex-covered belly begin to rub against his own. He then did something that surprised even himself. Feeling unable to control his urges, Barry leaned forward against Chip, both boys still chewing, and put his lips against Chip's.

Chip felt a tingle through his lips and body as he started kissing his friend. Their chewing slowed as they opened their mouths and prodded their tongues into each other. The rich taste of each other- Barry's blueberry and Chip's cherry- gave each boy a jolt that briefly interrupted their respective gums' flavors.

They pulled slightly back and continued chewing, as smiled crept across both their faces. "Dude, you taste... like cherry!" Barry said, his arms, chest, and legs now swelling along with his belly.

Chip reached his puffed-up arms as wide around Barry's belly — now the size of a yoga ball — and rubbed his growing form with a grin. "And you taste like the most delicious blueberry I've ever had."

The other boys had slowly inched toward the inflating duo with curiosity. They could see that both boys were swollen to crazy proportions- their legs, arms, butts and bellies amazingly plump. As they watched their friends continue chewing and rubbing each other, oblivious to their surroundings, they couldn't help noticing that Chip and Barry's full blown erections had begun inflating as well- growing longer and thicker as the rest of them grew as well.

"Watch out baby," Chip said, "I think my belt's gonna give soon."

"Mine too," Barry replied as he continued his slow, deliberate chewing. "I can't stop it."

Almost in unison the belts popped, their front latches failing and the elastic snapping off behind them. As their bellies surged into each other, Barry and Chip felt their spandex-covered bellies surge into each other as their eyes locked in lust and hunger.

"What's happening to them??" one boy cried out.

"They're blowing up, my boy," said Twiddle.

"Like balloons!" another boy said.

"To be precise, into fruits!" Twiddle said. "I told them not to, this gum always goes wrong when it comes to the dessert."

Their swelling forms began to push Barry and Chip away from each other. Their plump lips could not longer reach, but they could still feel each other's inflating midsections. Chip waddled around, caressing Barry's round figure, and admired his giant rear end as his legs and back began to merge with it.

"Dude..." Barry whispered to Chip, "I don't know why but this feels amazing. My body is blowing up and... I think I like it?!"

Chip smiled back at him. "I don't know what it is about this gum. But we're both swelling up and I kind of love it!"

Barry locked eyes with Chip again. They slowly chewed and Barry felt his erection pulse bigger and bigger with juice. Chip felt Barry's engorged member poke into his inflated side- and his own hard-on responded in kind, throbbing and growing, full of juice.

At this point both boys could only rest their arms on top of their round figures as their legs slowly swelled into their ball-shaped midsections. They soon became unable to reach each other's bodies as their arms became sucked into their spherical bodies. Barry was a round blue ball, perfectly covered in shiny spandex- with two hands, two feet, and a bright blue head sticking out on top- and a giant, 2-foot long hard on bulging and stretching the fabric, curving along the side of the young man's globular body.

Chip had turned the same shape, with a bulge in front to match. Their eyes met again in pure lust, and the round blueberry and cherry boys — still chewing their gum — waddled to face each other fully, and began rubbing their forms against each other.

Twiddle called his workers over as the boys began to moan. "These boys must be taken to the juicier immediately," he said, as the rest of the group stared, speechless. The workers slowly began to pull the blueberry and cherry away from each other, unable to do anything but chew and waddle and moan, flapping their hands in protest. As they tilted Barry and Chip onto their sides, their heads met for a quick moment- each seeing the other upside down.

"Dude, you look so amazingly hot as a cherry," Barry said. "I want to taste your juicy lips again."

Chip craned his head forward and they kissed briefly. "I love this, man. We're big, round, inflated fruits... and it feels so good!"

The workers began to roll them to the door, and the group heard their chomping and moaning fading away. Twiddle turned to the remaining group. "Shall we roll on?"

= = = = = =

Following the rest of the boys who befell wild and preposterous punishments, Barry and Chip waddled out of the factory. Both boys had been juiced as much as they could- but it could not be fully undone. Their bellies were still as big around as exercise balls, and each one had swollen legs and arms to match. Their rear ends were both bloated- with Barry's particularly round and juicy. Barry was still bright blue in his taut blue spandex suit, with Chip bright red to match.

"Here they come now, Blueberry Barry and Cherry Chip!" Twiddle exclaimed. "We've gotten them as juiced as they possibly can be."

"But... they're still big!" one young man in the group- still covered in garbage- hollered out.

"Yes, unfortunately most of my test subjects stopped chewing once they realized that the side effects were kicking in," Twiddle replied. "These boys didn't for some reason, and the blueberry and cherry juice became somewhat permanent."

Barry's blue ears perked up, and he turned his face to Twiddle. Chip was transfixed on Barry's body still, and began pressing his swollen form against Barry's and rubbing the blueberry boy's belly.

"Permanent, what does that mean?" Barry said- with a trace of enjoyment in his curious voice.

"Well unfortunately boys, you insisted on chewing the gum long after the side effects kicked in," Twiddle said, shaking his head. "I've never seen anyone try that before, but I expect you'll see some of the effects continue to kick in again. In just a few hours you'll slowly start swelling back up into your new, TRUE forms."

Chip perked up, while still continuing to caress Barry- who had reached his bloated arm around Chip's back. "True form, what does that mean?" Chip asked.

"It means that for lack of a better way of putting it, you boys are true fruits now," Twiddle replied calmly. "Your bodies' default states are as inflated fruits- a fully round cherry and blueberry, with hands and feet and a head, of course."

Barry leaned into Chip as they both listened, their brightly colored bodies in stark contrast to each other.

"You can stay like this- a swollen version of your former selves- for a few hours maybe?" Twiddle continued. "But your bodies will start filling up with juice soon enough, slowly but surely turning you back into a blueberry and a cherry."

Barry and Chip looked at each other, in half-embrace. They saw the lust in each others' eyes as they reacted to the information.

"You're my cherry forever then, Chip," Barry said in a heavy voice.

"And you're gonna be my big blueberry boy, Barry," Chip replied.

They leaned in and kissed, opening their mouths and beginning to taste each other. They felt themselves getting aroused and beginning to swell- at first in their throbbing erections, and then slowly but surely as the juice began to pump through each of their bodies as they continued their lustful embrace and kiss...
Cherry Chip and Blueberry Barry
Barry and Chip get their just desserts on a tour of the fabulous Twiddle Chocolate Factory. h/t to inflatedjock85 for the character of Twiddle!
Hey- uploaded a story, along with some photos of Blueberry Blaine, over the past few days! I know my stuff is pretty one-note, and I'm figuring out ways to be a little more creative, but would love any constructive thoughts people have.

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My day — today, the day when me and my buddies got to take an exclusive tour of Twiddle's Confectionaries — was about to get a lot more interesting.

As we hit the next stop in the Inventing Room, I took a quick second to straighten my suit. I wore spandex everywhere- my buddies, and Sam in particular, had always poked fun at me for it. But I loved the attention, even if it was mockery, and loved the feel of this suit in particular. This morning, as we had gotten ready for our special tour, I had found myself oddly compelled to wear my shiny, bright, stretchy blue suit.

Chewing and chewing my favorite gum, I looked into the reflection in a stainless steel silo, and admired my figure for what would end up being one last time.

Sam called out as the guys surrounded a wild contraption. "Blaine! Hurry up!" Twiddle was beginning to speak.

"This right here is my most magnificent, revolutionary, non-pollutionary, creationary machine ever!" Twiddle exclaimed. He leaned in and pressed a small button on the side.

The machine sprang to life. I edged closer and closer to inspect the workings- gears and presses and wonderful smells! It was like being in the middle of a bakery operating at full speed. My mouth began to water, even with the wad of gum I had in my mouth.

Just as quickly, the machine sputtered to a stop, and a tiny blue stick plopped into a plastic drawer. Twiddle pulled it out.

"That's all?!?" one of the guys exclaimed.

"That's all?? Don't you know what this is?" Twiddle said contemptuously back at him.

Excited, I stepped forward. "By gum, it's gum!" I couldn't wait to try it!

"WRONG!" Twiddle said in a smarmy tone. "It's the most FABULOUS, sensational piece of gum in the whole world!"

My heart started beating faster. "Why? What's so fab about it?"

"Why, this piece of gum is an entire three course dinner," Twiddle said, dangling the gum mere inches from my face.

"It'll revolutionize the food industry. But it's got some peculiar side effects..." he drew out the word "peculiar" as he looked at me with a mischievous grin.

It was too much for me. I needed to try it, side effects and all. I grabbed the gum, with little protest from Twiddle.

"Oh, dear Blaine, I wouldn't do that if I were you..." he said in an almost sarcastic tone.

I paused for half a second, then popped the gum in my mouth, and began to chew. The other guys surrounded me. I was loving the attention as I felt the first sensation hit my taste buds.

"It's... tomato soup! Why it's so hot and creamy!" I could actually feel the stream of tomato soup fill my mouth as I chewed steadily on the gum.

Twiddle shook his head and leaned back against the gum machine.

"This is amazing!" I called out to everyone (chomp chomp). I felt the soup begin to change flavor and texture, almost like magic.

"Wow, the next course is here. Roast beef! And a baked potato!" (chomp chomp) The guys were looking on in awe- though I could see jealousy in the eyes of more than a few of them. As I continued chewing I could feel myself getting full- just like a real meal (chomp chomp). It was such a strange feeling, but a good one.

Sam stepped forward. "Wow, Blaine, that's amazing! What's for dessert?"

As the gum changed flavor and texture once again, I recognized the tart, sweet taste and flaky crust. "It's blueberry pie!" I cried out (chomp chomp). The taste was incredible- more intense than the first two courses.

As I savored the amazing pleasure of the blueberry pie, I felt my face flush in an odd but not unpleasant sensation.

"Blaine, what's happening to your face?" Sam tilted his head a bit.

"Chill out! Let me finish," I rolled my eyes. The blueberry pie was amazing. I chewed and chewed and every bite sent the sweet, plump bites into my mouth and down my throat. It was wild- actually tasting it!

"Blaine, your face is bright blue!" Sam said in disbelief.

I kept chewing and even as I felt my face and skin flush more, I didn't want to stop chewing. "What are you talking about?!?" I asked, semi-annoyed (chomp chomp).

"I told you I hadn't got it quite right," Twiddle sighed. "It always goes wrong when we come to the dessert. Blaine's about to see..."

My skin felt the same warm feeling under my spandex as my face was feeling (chomp chomp)- suddenly I got a weird, tingly sensation. My full stomach felt even fuller- pushing out like I'd just eaten something huge (chomp chomp). I tried to suck it back in, but it wasn't working. Even as I pulled my gut in, I could feel it slowly swelling and pushing out more (chomp chomp).

"Blaine, what are you doing now? You're blowing up!" Sam cried out. I looked down and my blue spandex was bulging out over my bright red belt (chomp chomp). The fullness was unrelenting- but not unpleasant, just pressure inside me as I felt my skin beginning to stretch (chomp chomp).

"I feel funny!" I said, looking around at the other guys. They were all staring at me in disbelief (chomp chomp). The blueberry pie kept filling my mouth with every chew, and wasn't slowing down. I glanced around- my belly and butt had begun inflating, and my arms and legs were puffing up too! (chomp chomp)

"Dude, you're blowing up like a balloon," Sam said in awe, poking my belly. I felt a warm surge — of liquid? — in my insides as he prodded my spandex-encased gut (chomp chomp).

"Like a blueberry," Twiddle said in an unimpressed tone, giving me a disapproving look (chomp chomp). I felt my belt begin to strain, giving me a little discomfort. I realized I was still holding in my belly, and let it go  (chomp chomp), feeling the belt finally strain and give with a loud POP. I brought my arms up to survey just how big I was getting. My sides and belly were impossibly round, and I was beginning (chomp chomp) to feel my legs be forced farther apart.

I stared at the other guys, chewing along with a dumbstruck look on my face. They were all looking at me like I was a spectacle- uneasy, amazed at what was happening to me but also with a bit of bitchy judging mixed in. I didn't want to let on, but my secret enjoyment was stopping me from being able to control myself (chomp chomp).

The feeling of my body inflating- skin stretching and fullness as I was blowing up like a balloon- somehow made me feel really, really good (chomp chomp). The blueberry pie was delicious and I felt like I'd eaten a dozen pies and could eat a dozen more (chomp chomp). And while I may have initially been somewhat embarrassed, as I slowly but surely inflated more and more, I could feel myself embrace the total humiliation in front of everyone and start craving more (chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp).

I could hear the other guys whispering as my stomach grew bigger. Every appendage felt swollen and getting bigger, impossibly so (chomp chomp). My arms had gone from toned and muscular to plump and juicy, like two overinflated water balloons.

"What should we do?" someone chimed in.

"Pop him?" another sarcastically offered. My eyes grew wide and I shook my head (chomp chomp).

"Sam, get him to stop chewing the gum!" someone else said urgently. But Sam was looking at me with a sense of wonder. He turned to Twiddle.

"What's happening to Blaine?" he asked.

"I did try to warn him. He has only himself to blame," Twiddle mused. "It's a marvelous invention, but the side effects aren't under control yet. The dessert is causing Blaine here to swell up into a human blueberry."

At that moment, it sunk in that I was truly becoming a blueberry. I pushed my juicy arms down and felt my round sides with my blue fingers (chomp chomp). As I rubbed my bloated ball shape, I felt my body swell even more under the shiny, smooth spandex suit. With each chew I felt my body expand and inflate further- not painful at all, in fact if I could admit it, it was becoming more and more pleasurable.

Sam turned back to Twiddle. "How did you make a gum that's inflating him like this?" Some of the guys had turned to listen. As I was feeling myself inflate, I got a sudden pang of jealousy- I'm blowing up here, don't stop paying attention to me! (chomp chomp)

"HEY!" I shouted in between chomps as the guys turned back around. "Someone help me here! I'm turning into a blimp!"

Sam stared once more. "Can we try to get the air out of Blaine?"

Twiddle laughed. "Why, that's not air! The young man is filling up with juice!"

"Juice..." Sam said intently, his eyes never leaving my bloating form. He stepped closer and began to rub me once again. I tried flapping my arms a bit, but my body had gotten so big and round that my legs and arms were being enveloped by my massive blueberry balloon body. (chomp chomp)

"Blaine, you really are becoming a blueberry!" he said in wonder and his palm gently rubbed and squeezed my ballooned belly. I stared back, eyes pleading, as I chewed, chewed, chewed, savoring the blueberry pie and the increasing pressure.

I felt my arms and legs finally disappear as my form turned spherical. The swelling began to slow, but the pressure inside my body stayed constant and I felt the blueberry juice inside me begin to settle. My chewing slowed as the pie taste began to run out.

"Is it stopping?" Sam said.

"It is," Twiddle replied. "He's fully ripe, and he finally finished the gum."

My chin and cheeks pressed up against my ballooned body, I gasped, "I can still... taste... and smell... blueberries... it's amazing..."

The boys began to surround me, scratching their heads at my new body. I moved around the only way I could, turning and waddling slowly. Each of them met my eyes with a look of confusion and judgment.

"Well, let's go squeeze the juice out of him," Sam said to the group.

Twiddle shook his head. "You can't do that, unfortunately."

Sam shot a look back. "We can't juice him?"

Twiddle chuckled again. "Good heavens, no! You've seen too many movies. I'm afraid his condition is irreversible."

Sam turned back, shrugging a bit. I once again caught a glimpse of myself in the reflection of the steel silo across the room. I was every bit the giant, juicy, blueberry blimp that I felt like.

I let my hands fall to my perfectly round sides, encased by a perfectly stretched blue spandex suit, and felt my new form.

I felt a mix of dread, followed by an intense wave of pleasure, as Sam said, "Well, looks like you're going to be a blueberry for good..."
Blaine's Gum Adventure
Trying out a first-person perspective! Blaine gets to try the three-course dinner gum...


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